Shop Disney Up Collection

Shop Disney Up Collection

Shop Disney recently released the most amazing collection of Up merchandise, first in the US and then more recently here in the UK. Despite the film being out since 2009, it feels like the first time I’ve seen a significant amount of merchandise for the film and it is about time if you ask me! The collection hasn’t disappointed though, and I’m so glad we got so much of the collection here in the UK.

I couldn’t find many photos of the collection before I made my order so I wanted to put together a blog post (the first in forever!) to share some photos of what I bought. Hopefully it might help some people make the decision of what to treat themselves to.

First I knew I wanted the Paradise Falls Jar. The jar is an iconic part of the film, and I can’t believe we haven’t seen one released by Shop Disney before. You can find the measurements on the site before you order, but I was pleasantly surprised by the size after hearing it was quite big from people in the US. It feels just right for what it is. The jar doesn’t fit some of our UK coins as it was originally designed for the US market. On Facebook I’ve heard some people managing to fit 2p’s, 50p’s and £2 coins in and others struggling. I’ve managed to fit a 2p in mine, 50p’s I can’t get to fit but I don’t have any £2 coins to test those. The jar comes with a cork lid, the only way you can get coins in and out. It also comes with some stickers to add your own photos to the jar which I think is a lovely touch.

The next thing I bought was the Up Cushion which cost £27. It was so lovely to see when I opened the parcel with all the beautiful colours. When it arrived, I could instantly see the value for money. The cushion is a really good size, I’d check the measurements before you order as you might get a surprise how big it is otherwise! It is a real statement piece between the size and the gorgeous colours. The house is printed, the wording is all embroidered and the balloons are a mixture of both. The quality overall is excellent and I’m over the moon with it. The pom pom detailing is a lovely touch.

Last but not least in my Up purchases was the Up Mailbox Postcards. Inspired by another classic Up Scene that I think every Up fan loves. Combine it with some stationary, and I’m sold. The set was £22 which I initially felt was a little expensive for what it is and when compared to the other pieces. When it arrived I knew I loved it even without opening it. When I saw what was included, I realised it is actually quite good value. The postbox itself is a lovely size and as with the other pieces from the collection, I’m pleased with the quality. I knew what it came with from the description but I was somehow still surprised with the quantity and how nice everything is.

The set came with the Up Postbox and included 24 postcards, 2 sheets of stickers, a purple ink pad and Grape Soda stamp as well as a pen (black ink for any stationary geeks like myself) and pencil.

I love a good sticker and this set came with plenty of them. I love that they’ve included multiple of some of them as well. My favourite is definitely the Grape Soda and the Paradise Falls badge,

I think the Grape Soda Stamp and ink pad are the items that I’ll personally use the least. I don’t think I’ll use them a huge amount but I think it is a great idea and love the Up house design on the ink pad.

Lastly in the set is are the gorgeous postcards. These were the highlight for me when I opened this set. I wasn’t sure what to expect with the designs, but these are stunning. The art on them makes them feel like mini prints, I’ve got a few favourites that I’ll be framing at some point. You get 12 different designs, two of each. I’ve included a photo below of what the back of the cards look like which is the same on them all.

That is everything I ordered from the Shop Disney Up collection. I hope the photographs are helpful if you are deciding what to buy from the range. I honestly could have bought more, they released so much I think there is definitely something everyone would like.

I’d love to know what you bought in the comments below!