My Shop Disney UK Wishlist – August 2020

My Shop Disney UK Wishlist – August 2020

I used to do these wishlist blog posts quite often. I love doing these posts as let’s be honest, it is a good excuse to do some online browsing, not that I need one! Since lockdown I’m obviously missing the Disney Parks and I’m also missing my merchandise fix. So online browsing it is! They have been bringing out some amazing stuff online though and I’ve already made an order or two so far since lockdown.

I made an order last Friday (7th August) for the Toy Story key so I did purchase a couple of things from this list. There is quite a lot of homeware and clothing so I’ll warn you now. The majority of these are all things I’ve popped in and out my basket at some point. Anyone else do that? Fill your basket and then not checkout for weeks 🙈 Now on with the wishlist!

Shop Disney Disneyland Paris Mugs

Disneyland Paris Mickey Mouse Grey Bowl £9.99 & Disneyland Paris Mickey Mouse Pink Mug £8.99

I’m super tempted by these! I have no need for them really, but still want them of course 😂 I love the style of bowl and the design is so classic. I remember seeing them in DLP in a pale blue, but these colours are just perfect for my taste! Must resist…

Shop Disney Mickey Mouse Jumpers

Disney Store Mickey Mouse Sweatshirt For Adults &
Disney Store Mickey Mouse Rainbow Sweatshirt For Adults Both £30

I was debating between buying these two jumpers for the longest time. I even asked friends and family to help. The first world problems of a Disney lover! I’ve got a top from WDW that reminds me of the yellow one and I think that’s what I’m drawn to it. I did order the grey one in the end though as I feel like I’d wear that much more. The yellow one will probably fall back into my basket at some point though if the grey one comes and I love it!

Shop Disney Adults Clothing Items

Disney Store High School Musical Raglan Hooded
Sweatshirt For Adults £35.00 &
Mickey Mouse: The True Original Customisable T-Shirt For Adults £16.00

I’ve already got a few of the High School Musical bits that Shop Disney released a while ago and I love them. My 10 year old self is very happy 😂 This hoodie is pretty much perfect though with the Raglan style. The Mickey t-shirt is just a classic that I feel my wardrobe really does need… I used to have something similar from Primark and it got so worn that I had to part with it. But this would be the perfect replacement.

Shop Disney Soft Toy Plushes

Disney Store Minnie Mouse the Main Attraction Soft Toy, 7 of 12 £27.50 &
Disney Store Winnie the Pooh Cuddleez Mini Bean Bag £8.95

I’m yet to purchase anything from the Minnie Mouse Main Attraction collections, I’m waiting on the last four months because they are all some of my favourite attractions. I think this Minnie Mouse plush is particularly beautiful though, the colours are stunning. I also couldn’t leave out my favourite bear from this Wishlist. I have always wanted a Cuddleez but could never justify the size. This guy though looks super small and incredibly cute.

Shop Disney Clothing

Disneyland Paris Belle of the Ball Spirit Jersey for Adults £59.99 &
Disney Store Mickey Mouse: The True Original Backpack £28.95

Cheated a little with this one as I do actually already own the Spirit Jersey. I wanted to include it though as I love mine and I saw that all the sizes are available at the moment. I’m a UK Size 12 and have a Medium for reference. It is the perfect level of oversized, without being massive. I’ve stuck to the Disney Parks theme for this section, as I feel this new backpack would be great as a park bag. It looks like it would be a good size and perfect for any adult (or child) Disney fan.

Shop Disney Merchandise

Disneyland Paris Mickey Mouse Americana Pin £9.99 &
Disney Store Mickey Mouse Disney Eats Ice Lolly Moulds, Set of 4 £6.00

Had to include a pin in this list because I do love a good Disney pin. I really wish that Shop Disney stocked more pins though as I feel like quite often the choice is limited. They’ve got a few DLP ones on there at the moment and this Americana one is definitely my favourite.

A couple of months ago I bought a few bits from the Disney Eats range that was originally released in the US. The whole concept is so bright and fun I was instantly hooked, the graphic designer in me loves it! They’ve been gradually releasing bits from the range including most recently these cute ice lolly moulds.

Shop Disney Up Pixar Merchandise

Disney Store Adventure Book A4 Replica Journal, Up £22.00 &
Disney Store Up Boxed Mug £11.00

Felt only right to include a few bits of merchandise for what I feel, is one of the best Disney movies. Up has had some amazing merchandise released this year. The Adventure Book is something that I think should have been released years ago, so I’m glad they finally did. £22 is such an amazing price for it as well! I’ve seen the Up Boxed Mug a few times and almost bought it. It is quite a small mug though from memory but you could use the box as well which is what really appeals to me. Plus the price tag is amazing on this one.

Shop Disney Coming Soon

That is it for my Wishlist, plenty of things I’ve got my eye on at the moment for sure 🙈 Hopefully I’ll tick a couple of bits off as time goes on. Got to get that free delivery somehow 😉

I thought I’d also chat briefly about some of the ‘Coming Soon’ page at the moment.

I’m looking forward to seeing what Christmas Ornaments they release, I’m hoping to try and not miss out on the ones I want this year, as usually I leave it too late! They will be released starting tomorrow which is super exciting! Typical just after the Toy Story key though.

The Pixar Alien Plushes look adorable, I think those will be hard to resist. They have also just announced Pin Sets that will be released. I’m not a fan of the way that they are releasing these though. I think that releasing these weekly, will make the whole collection unaffordable for most people. You’ll have to be very selective of what you really want. Especially paying £4 delivery every week as well. I’m hoping that they might stock the Pop Funko versions at some point though.

My main weakness is definitely going to be all of those Minnie Mouse Main Attraction collections left for this year. They are three of my favourite rides left and then obviously Disney Castles is just a park lovers dream! Can’t wait to see what those collections look like soon. They’ve already shown us the Big Thunder Mountain one and I think it looks great, just wish I could justify the Lougnefly bag! You can see all Coming Soon on the Shop Disney UK Website .

I’d love to hear what is on your Wishlist and what you thinking about the upcoming collections. Leave me a comment below so we can have a chat about all things Shop Disney merchandise!