Mary Poppins Returns Merchandise

Mary Poppins Returns Merchandise

If you are like me, then you are so excited for the release of Mary Poppins Returns. I’m a little bit unsure if it will live up to the original, but I’m looking forward to seeing it either way! Even though the film is yet to be released, so many brands have already released merchandise. I am loving seeing all the merchandise released by different brands, seen as though there is so much I thought I would put together a blog post of what I’ve seen so far. I’ll admit I’ve already bought a few pieces 🙈 I’ve only included a few pieces from each brand/store because the post would go on forever otherwise 😂


Primark have released a full range of Mary Poppins merchandise. You can buy homeware, accessories and clothing all with a different Mary Poppins designs. My favourite piece by far is the Carpet Bag for £14. It is a weekend bag size and the design is just perfect. I love that it is inspired by the original rather than the new movie. I personally wouldn’t use it very much though as it is quite big. I instead bought the coin purse version for £5. I’ve included a few photographs below of some of the accessories the Newcastle store had a few weeks ago.

Shop Disney

Shop Disney always seem to release movie merchandise well before the actual release. The quality and design of merchandise Shop Disney never seems to fail though, and the Mary Poppins range is absolutely brilliant as expected. There are quite a few different pieces in the collection including a few plushes. So far I’ve bought the necklace, but I am tempted to buy more 🙊

Disney Store Mary Poppins Returns Necklace – £13.00.

Disney Store Mary Poppins Returns Handbag – £26.00

Disney Store Mary Poppins Returns Ladies Pyjamas – £20.00

Disney Store Penguin Small Soft Toy Mary Poppins – £15.00

Chamilia Jewellery

I’ve not bought anything from Chamilia before as I’m typically loyal to Pandora. Their Mary Poppins range has swayed me slightly though as the designs are so good and they have a lot more Mary Poppins jewellery available than Pandora do. They have a few different bracelets, necklaces and earrings available in the range. They are on the pricey side but it is a little more justified in my opinion as it would be a forever purchase. I’m particularly tempted by the kite earrings, I couldn’t tell you how many times they’ve been in and out my basket 😂 The collection is also available at

Disney Mary Poppins Supercalifragilistic Necklace – £45.00

Disney Mary Poppins Practically Perfect Adjustable Bracelet Black Enamel – £65.00

Disney Mary Poppins Kite Earrings Pink and Frosty Mint Swarovski Zirconia – £65.00


Pandora Jewellery

Anyone who follows me will know how big a Pandora fan I am. I have so much of their jewellery, including a full bracelet of Disney charms 🙈 Pandora are a little expensive but worth it in my opinion. They have only released 3 charms inspired by Mary Poppins but they are all so lovely! I’ve already added the Carpet Bag charm to my collection as my parents kindly gifted it to me for my birthday last month. I absolutely love it!

Disney Mary Poppins Bag Charm – £40.00

Disney Mary Poppins Umbrella Pendant Charm – £55.00

Disney Mary Poppins Silhouette Charm – £55.00



Personally I’ve never made a purchase from EMP but I am guilty of spending a lot of time browsing their site! They have a few pieces Mary Poppins from what seems to be their own brand, and some from Funko Pop available also. There are clothing items, accessories and a few different Vinyl Figures. I seem to have a weakness for the Pop Funko Vinyl Figures as they are a really affordable way to represent different movies/characters, and they don’t take up a massive amount of space which is an added bonus! The Mary Poppins one below may have to join my collection after I’ve seen the film…

Mary Poppins With Kite Vinyl Figure – £12.99

Practically Perfect Mary Poppins T-Shirt – £14.99


Calendar Club

The Calendar Club are the go-to place for a whole range of different diaries, planners and calendars. They have designs for a huge amount of movies and characters including lots of different Disney ones. Personally I tend to go for the Thomas Kinkade calendar, but they have a couple of Mary Poppins ones which if I love the film I may be tempted by. I especially like the look of the diary,

Mary Poppins Returns Calendar – £9.99 (Also available on Shop Disney UK)

Disney Mary Poppins A5 Diary – £9.99

Truffle Shuffle (Range produced by Half Moon Bay Ltd)

The Mary Poppins range stocked on Truffle Shuffle, is actually created by a company called Half Moon Bay Ltd. This means the pieces can also be found on their website ( or purchased via Amazon. Now that I know they are available on Amazon, if I’m honest that is where I would most likely purchase due to Amazon Prime Delivery. However, they are also available on Truffle Shuffle as I mentioned, and I know that a lot of Disney fans are familiar with this website. The range includes lots of pieces that look amazing, a lot of different things that you wouldn’t necessarily see from your typical high street retailers. I’ve picked quite a few pieces from the stock of the Mary Poppins collection currently available on Truffle Shuffle as quite honestly I really struggled to narrow it down! I particularly like the trinket dish, it looks a lot better quality than the Primark version from what I can tell. I’m also super tempted to get the keyring 😍 The Penguin mug is super cute, but I think my favourite of the mug is the one with all the different Mary Poppins elements in the design. The colours are right up my street!

Disney Mary Poppins Umbrella Trinket Dish – £11.99

Disney Mary Poppins A Spoonful of Sugar Porcelain Mug – £.9.99

Disney Mary Poppins Let’s Go Fly A Katie Keyring With Charms £9.99

Classic Disney Mary Poppins Practically Perfect Mug – £9.99

Disney Mary Poppins Penguin 3D Mug – £13.99

Disney Mary Poppins Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious A5 Notebook – £11.99

Marks and Spencer

There aren’t many pieces from Marks and Spencer’s for the new Mary Poppins film, but I loved the bits they do have. I keep being tempted by the idea of jigsaw puzzles, and I think this could be a starting one for me. I’ve seen it in store and it looks beautiful, Also how cute are is the pyjama set?

Mary Poppins 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle – £12.00

Pure Cotton Mary Poppins Pyjama Set – £25.00

Pure Cotton Mary Poppins Nightdress – £18.00


Couture Kingdom

I’ve recently become *just a little* obsessed with Couture Kingdom. I’ve bought two pieces from them recently and I seem to be constantly browsing their website. When I saw that they would be doing a Mary Poppins collection I was quite excited to say the least. Only issue is I like it all 😂 They have a range of different bracelets, necklaces and earrings which all come in the option of white-gold, gold or rose gold plated. I honestly couldn’t pick just one favourite, I’ve managed to narrow it down to these four, but only just!

Disney Mary Poppins Rose Gold Plated Practically Perfect Bangle – £45.00

Disney Mary Poppins White Gold Plated London Skyline Necklace – £45.00

Disney Mary Poppins Rose Gold Plated Kite Necklace – £49.00

Disney Mary Poppins Rose Gold Plated Umbrella Necklace – £39.00


Hope you enjoyed this post sharing just some of the huge amount of Mary Poppins merchandise available right now! I can’t wait to see the new movie and all the merchandise is just making me even more excited. I’m sure there are even more Mary Poppins collections that I’ve not even come across yet, if you know of any be sure to let me know in the comments.

Thank you for reading! Beth x


* All images used are taken from the websites linked throughout.