Custom Disney Road Sign from MagicalSignageCo Review

Custom Disney Road Sign from MagicalSignageCo Review

Approximately 10 seconds after discovering this small business, I knew I needed to make an order. Less than 24 hours later I’d made said order. Speaks for itself really! I honestly don’t even know how I came across MagicalSignageCo originally but I’m very happy I did so I had to share the Disney love!

Disney always feels like I’m home, especially Walt Disney World. There are lots of small details that I love about Disney, the detail is what makes Disney so special in my opinion. Some of those details makes me instantly give me that ‘I’m home’ feeling and you probably have guessed by now that, one of those things is the Disney Road Signs. Until you go to Walt Disney World, you are unlikely to understand why, and probably just think I sound like I’m going a bit crazy! But trust me, those road signs are something special. If you’ve been, please back me up 😂

When I discovered Magical Signage Co made Wooden Disney Signs, I was so excited. I’d not come across anything like it and I feel like it was the merchandise I never knew that I needed. When I realised I could also customise them I was well and truly sold! They do quite a few different wooden designs as well as the Road Sign, so definitely worth a browse if you are any type of Disney fan. Now I’ll introduce you to my purchases…

They came beautifully packaged, so neat and tidy in a small cardboard box. I’m pretty sure the box went through the letterbox when it arrived. Everything was packaged well in tissue paper. I felt that the packaging was sufficient and everything came safe and sound.

The package came with a little added extra of a Disney’s Beauty and the Beast postcard. Beauty and the Beast is actually one of my favourite films so I was really pleased to see this in the box. A little something extra always feels a bit special doesn’t it?

Here you can see everything that came in the delivery in addition to the products themselves. I got the added bonus of the postcard, a set of command strips for each sign that I ordered and a set of instructions for how to put the signs up using said command strips.

I will be honest, I did use different command strips. The ones it came with, would have been perfectly fine I’m 100% sure. However, I wanted to be extra safe, so I decided to use some bigger ones that I had at home already. They hardly weigh anything though, so you’d be totally fine if you only had the ones included. I think it is great that they come part of the order especially as the signs are so affordable as it is.

The first thing I ordered was this keyring. It is the perfect size, not too big that it takes up half your bag but big enough the text is nice and clear. I’m really happy you had a choice of what type of keyring you wanted, as I definitely prefer the ball chain. I sometimes like to attach keyrings to the outside of handbags, rather than my keys so this option is perfect. These would make a perfect stocking filled come Christmas, or a pick-me up treat for a loved one or yourself in my case!

Next are the Custom Road Signs that I ordered. You can pick between three different sizes, each with a very slight price difference. I bought all of them in the size Medium which is 15cm x 21cm, £11.00 each. There is no extra charge for the personalisation which I think is brilliant. If I’m honest I feel like they are underpriced a little, I’d have happily paid more now they are here.

All three signs in my order came wrapped together, so if you are splitting them for gifts say then that is something to maybe be aware of. I ordered three different ones to suit my different family members and myself. I love that I could pick something that exactly suited each of us. They’d be a perfect Christmas gift, but I couldn’t wait that long to give them one!

The one with all the parks on plus Disney Springs was for myself. I couldn’t decide what I wanted, so figured everything was a safe bet! I was right though, I absolutely love it. I feel like I didn’t have miss any of my favourites out that way.

I got two other signs, one for my Dad and one for my Brother. I like that the signs still look great whether you’ve got all the parks, a resort or something totally custom.

I honestly think that these are one of my favourite Disney purchases from over the years. I can’t tell you how fantastic the quality is and I love the uniqueness of the design. Being able to customise them makes them even more special, and the perfect gift to a fellow Disney fan or for a ‘treat yourself’ moment!

It is also worth mentioning that I did have to contact Magical Signage Company about my order afterwards and the customer service was fantastic.

Everything combined, means that I would 100% order again and I’m over the moon with my purchases for me and my family. It makes me happy every time I see it. The value for money is outstanding quite frankly, and I look forward to seeing what else they release already! I’ve even got notifications on for their Instagram 🙊