Shop Disney November Haul

Shop Disney November Haul

I’ll start by saying a massive thank you to Lucy from Lucy’s Room Toys (who you should check out by the way!) for the discount code she gave me for Shop Disney UK which I used on this order. It is so nice to see how lovely people can be in the Disney community. The code made my order significantly cheaper and I am incredibly grateful to Lucy! ❤️

I haven’t got a massive haul, but they are all pieces I’ve had my eye on for a while so I was over the moon when my parcel came.

I’ll start with the reason I was making an order in the first place, the November Mickey Mouse Memories. I was tempted to get a plush as it is my birthday month but decided to stick to the pins that I usually get.  The pins are beautiful. I love them all but the middle one is my absolute favourite. The design is one of my favourites out of all the pins this year, I love it so much! The collection is making me realise just how quick the year has gone, can’t believe there is only one more left now! The plush and the mug are still available but for some reason the pins seem to be sold out ☹️

I have been wanting a couple of decorations from Shop Disney for a while now but it always seemed to far away from Christmas to be getting them. November is an acceptable time to be getting ready for Christmas if you ask me, so I went ahead and ordered the decoration I had wanted the most which is Donald and Daisy on the Dumbo Ride. This decoration is originally from Disneyland Paris and as a Disney Parks lover, I am obsessed! It is £9.99 full price but for Black Friday is currently £7.99.

I had wanted this Mickey Mouse T-Shirt for so long! Every month I have ended up taking it out my basket as I wasn’t sure I wanted to pay almost £20 for it. Thanks to the discount from Lucy I decided to finally go ahead and order it. I am so happy with it! It is absolutely perfect and I can see myself getting a lot of wear out of it. I am a Women’s Size 12, and this fits perfect. A little bit of room and plenty of length. It is £18.00 full price, but for Black Friday it is only £14.40.

The Disney Store in Newcastle is responsible for these last two purchases. I’d seem them online and wasn’t 100% sure but when I saw them in person I fell in love.

The first item is one of the pins that come in the test tube style packaging. The packaging is so random but I really love it! So cute and quirky, I went for the Baymax pin but I’m kind of tempted for the Up one as well… I’m going to keep the pin inside the tube, I think it is too cute not to if I’m honest. They are £8.00 each, £6.40 in the Black Friday sale.

I also picked up the most adorable little Mickey Mouse Artificial Plant! There is a range of 6 different artificial plants and I couldn’t quite believe just how cute they are when I saw them in person. They are small, but the cute factor makes up for it if you ask me. I did think that £6 is a little pricey, but with a discount they are more than worth it. They are currently on sale for £4.80 which means they’d be the perfect stocking filler or a little treat to yourself if you are like me 😂

Hope you enjoyed my little haul from Shop Disney! I am over the moon with all the pieces I picked up. I seem to have already developed another full online basket, but I think that is an issue for all us Disney fans…

Thank you again @lucyroomstoys for the discount code, you are a star!

Beth x