Oh My Disney Haul

Oh My Disney Haul

Oh My Disney describes themselves as the ‘ultimate digital destination for your regular dose of Disney’, I couldn’t have described it better myself. I personally love the Oh My Disney site. They are one of, if not the best, place to find out all the latest Disney news, whether it is about the latest movie or an update to the Disney Parks. I’ve also spent way too may hours doing Disney quizzes on the website hoping it isn’t just me guilty of this! I love the design, layout and general content of the website.

When I saw that they had released a Oh My Disney collection on Shop Disney, I had my fingers crossed that it would also come to the UK. The collection looked absolutely amazing. I was over the moon when I saw they added it to the Disney Store UK website! I saw so many people receive the collection as a PR gift from Disney Store, and it only made me want the collection even more. Anyone else blame Instagram for the majority of their Disney purchases? I particularly love the PR haul video from Lucy at @disneyinparticular. In terms of photos, my favourite ones are from Lorna @lornas.enchanted.castle on Instagram.

As a Disney and stationary addict, I knew I would want quite a few pieces from the collection. I managed to get a couple of the pieces and I’m hoping I’ll be able to add a few more over time.



I love collecting Disney Pins, but as a general rule you don’t see many released by Disney Store. The pin set from the Oh My Disney collection became available online just after all the other items. I’m so happy they added them because I was a little bit worried they wouldn’t when they didn’t appear initially. They have such beautiful colours and I love the designs so much. I particularly love the ‘Mondays are Evil’ and the ‘Charmed I’m Sure’ pins. The only pin I’m not a massive fan of is the ‘Oh My Disney’ logo one. The other three pins are all very different to anything I’ve seen before and I definitely think that £12.00 is good value for money.

Oh My Disney Pins, Set of 4 – £12.00


I love the set of sticky notes! The stationary addict in me couldn’t have been happier. They are all have very pale pastel colours and each include a different Disney quote. I like that the quotes are different to those on the pencils as they could easily have just made them the same. It is nice that they included sticky notes that are different shapes and sizes as well.

They come in a plastic wallet which zips. I’ll probably just keep them in the wallet, but you could easily use it for something different if you wanted. What I didn’t realise was, that the notes are all attached to a piece of plastic inside the wallet which I think would be really handy if you wanted to leave them on your desk but keep them together. It also means I’m less likely to lose any of them!

I don’t think I could pick a favourite, although I do love the Lion King ones. I’m hoping at some point I’ll be able to pick up the Lion King Cosmetic Case which has the same quote.

Oh My Disney Sticky Notes Set – £6.00


I’ve saved my ultimate favourite until last. I don’t even really use pencils, but I love these too much. They are the most amazing design and I love that some of the more under-representated movies have been used for the quotes. There are 8 pencils, each a different colour with a quote and a small silouette. The quote and silhouette appear on both sides of each pencil. There is also a pencil with a ‘Oh My Disney’ pattern. I love the designs of each one so much, I have to admit I’ll be sad when I have to sharpen them.

My favourite pencils have to be the Beauty and the Beast ‘Books s’il vous plait’ one, the Tangled ‘Me? Awakard? Always.’ and the villains ‘Mondays are Evil’,

I’ve included photos of each individual pencil in the gallery below.

Oh My Disney Pencils, Set of 9 – £6.00


I hope you enjoyed my mini Oh My Disney haul from Disney Store UK. You can view the whole collection here. The collection is one of my all-time favourites from the Disney Store, and I hope that this is just the start of more adult Disney fan friendly merchandise!

Beth x