Disney Shops I’m Loving

Disney Shops I’m Loving

I feel that recently I have seen so many amazing pieces of Disney merchandise from so many different brands and companies. I thought I would put together a post of some of my favourite pieces that I’ve seen, so prepare for quite a long post! I’ve included a couple of High Street brands and some independent companies. If you have a shop that sells Disney inspired pieces then be sure to leave a link in the comments below so I can check it out!

Disney Store UK

Along with nearly every other Disney addict, I’ve been loving the Mickey Mouse Memories Collection from Disney Store UK. The collection is released on the 18th of every month online and in-stores. I bought the full set back in January (review and haul here) and I decided to collect the pin set each month. The collection has proved popular already, with the plush selling out within about an hour in February which is crazy! The pin set and the mug from both January and February are still available online now and in some stores. I’m looking forward to seeing the each set for the rest of the year.

It has taken all my will power not to purchase the Pua Medium Soft Toy which was released recently. Pua is currently reduced to £15.99 as part of a promotion until 08/04/18. I unfortunately don’t have the space for him and I already have the small version. He is just way too cute not to love and if I am honest, I’m still sad he didn’t have a better role in the movie.

I bought the Raincoat Chip and Dale small plush a while ago now when they first went into the Disney Store. They are a similar style to the Japan merchandise if I’m not mistaken. They are adorable and I love the style of plush. They are different to anything I’ve seen in the Disney Store UK and at £15.00 they are well worth it if you ask me.

Disney Store UK currently have a variety of different discounts available so be sure to check what you would be entitle to before making an order.


Uniqlo have been one of my favourite places for Disney clothing for a while now. As much as I love the Disney tops from Primark, I much prefer the Uniqlo t-shirts for the designs and quality especially. They are comfy and easy to wear. I’ve had plenty of use out of the ones I have collected.

Not long ago they released a collection called ‘Sounds of Disney’ and I absolutely love it! There are a range of t-shirts and jumpers for men, women and kids. I already have the Winnie the Pooh one, which one of my friends kindly bought for me and I love it so much. It is now one of my most worn tops and the colour is actually much easier to wear than I thought it would be. I have my eye on the Mickey Mouse pocket one, which is also £12.90. It is the most perfect subtle Disney top and I think I would get so much wear out of it. May have to be a pay day purchase this month!

The most recent addition to Uniqlo is the ‘Colour of Pixar’ collection. For some reason, there are only mens and kids available for this collection. I would still buy the mens though, I like the designs too much not to. As a massive Pixar fan, I am so happy they released the collection. The first one that I really love is a Toy Story one, £12.90. I personally prefer the navy version as I think that the colour works better for the graphic. I also already own too many grey Disney tops! I also love the Monsters University top, again £12.90.

Luby and Lola

I’ve posted about Minnie Ears from Luby and Lola before (read the post here) and they are still one of my favourite Disney small businesses. I’ve ordered from them a few times and never had anything but a good experience. My favourite ones that I have already are black with a sequin bow. They are a bargain at £7.99. I also love the ones that are the satin bow. Even though they are plain and simple, the quality is great and most importantly they are comfy. I find the ‘official Disney’ Minnie Ears uncomfortable, whereas these are lighter and so don’t hurt as much.

They have added some great ears to their shop since I last made an order. A pair which I definitely need for Disneyland Paris in June are the ‘Rainbow Sequin Minnie Mouse Ears. They are £8.99 and you can have them with or without a rainbow badge (£8.50) in the middle. I’m hoping to order them when I get paid so I know I have them in plenty of time before Disney.

I absolutely love the Tangled inspired ears that they do as well. They are a little bit more expensive (£20.99) than the other ones that they do but look absolutely beautiful. I really wish I’d bought them for Walt Disney World last year, there is always next time though.

Maple and Whisky

Me and my family are massive fans of Maple and Whisky. I have the Beach Club candle and it honestly smells exactly like the hotel in Walt Disney World. When I say exactly, I mean absolutely identical. I can’t decide whether it helps with the Disney Blues or makes them worse! I also have the Frozen Lemonade room spray which smells gorgeous. They are a really good priced for what they are and didn’t take too long to arrive either. I will definitely order from Maple and Whisky again in the future.

Adam Francis Art

I have my eye on a few different prints from Adam Francis Art, in particular the Disney Parks art of course. There are some many options whether you are looking for something Disney or non-Disney. I personally love the Main Street USA Disney World print. The quote is one of my favourites and the print looks amazing.

Rock Paper Sisters

Disney t-shirts are my biggest weakness. I recently discovered the company Rock Paper Sisters who make a range of awesome t-shirts, jumpers and accessories. I’ve never seen anything like these and I’ve been a little bit obsessed with browsing their website. They do a variety of different ‘themes’ but one of them is Fairytale which are Disney inspired.

I think that the pieces seem reasonably priced and they are a unisex fit. A lot of them would be perfect for a Disney Park trip but I’d happily wear the vast majority of these any day of the week! I love that some of them are designed almost ‘if you know, you know’. I found out so hard to pick just a few to share. Can’t wait to make an order sometime soon.

From Top to Botton, Left to Right

The tops are available in a selection of colours including grey, black and white and are all priced at £9.95.

  1. Seven Wonders – I think most people would agree with this top. I hope that one day I’ll be able to say I’ve visited all the Disney Seven Wonders of the World. So far Walt Disney World and Disneyland Paris are ticked off, but I would love love love to go to the original Disneyland.
  2. Race You – Nothing beats the moment when you see the castle as you walk into Disney, and I think that this top is perfect for that feeling! It is such a fun top and would be perfect for a Disney trip!
  3. Big Beautiful Tomorrow – My Walt Disney World loving heart tells me I need this one. I mainly love it for the ‘Have a great big beautiful tomorrow’ at the end. Also I miss everything the design mentions so much! Also available in a sweatshirt for £17.95.
  4. Off We Go – This t-shirt seems to be a little a little bit less Walt Disney World specific version of the Big Beautiful Tomorrow tee. It is just as perfect though. Also available in a sweatshirt for £17.95.
  5. Adventure in The Great Wide Somewhere – The typography on this tee is beautiful, I prefer the black version of the tee as the pink seems to really stand out. I’d wear this so much and love that it isn’t obviously Disney to someone who isn’t as big a fan as I am!
  6. I Believe In Magic – The perfect subtle Disney tee. It is plain, simple and not too in your face. I would wear this in and out of the parks, and I think it such an easy, versatile t-shirt.
  7. Foolish Mortal – I am a massive Haunted Mansion fan. When I saw this top on the website, I instantly fell in love. This will definitely be one of the first I buy from the shop. I know it would guarantee to make me smile.

Wardrobe of Wonderland

I only very recently discovered Wardrobe of Wonderland through Instagram. I instantly fell in love with the concept of the products. The store sells a variety of different hair bows that are Disney inspired as well as Shoe Clip Bows. It is the Show Clip Bows that drew my attention though. I love the idea of being able to clip them to any shoe and make them Disney. I would love them on my black lace-up boots. I prefer the look of the Small Sized Shoe Clips but they also come in a large size. I also really like the Tangled inspired hair bow.


Lottie-Bounds sell a whole range of Disney fashion items including patches, iron-on patches and more. I love the idea of the iron-on pockets which you can get either on their own or already on a t-shirt. The pockets on their own are only £5.00. My personal favourite is probably the Chip ‘n’ Dale one.

One of the more recent additions to Lottie’s store is a Mickey Mouse elbow jumper which looks so cute! You can pick from a selection of different patterns for the patches and you can pay a little extra to have a patch on the front as well.

Just last week Lottie added the first of her value range to her Etsy shop, a ‘Simple Minnie Skirt‘. The skirt comes in Vintage Blue or Minnie Red, both £15.00 plus shipping. I think both colours look beautiful and you could easily style them for everyday wear or as a DisneyBound. It can be hard to find the right item, at a reasonable cost for Disney outfits and I think Lottie has solved both of these problems with these skirts.

There are so many pieces on this list that I would love to order within the next couple of months, especially before my trip to Disneyland Paris. I’ll be sure to let you know if and when I make some purchases! If you know of any small Disney inspired businesses, or own one yourself then please let me know! I would love to have some more small businesses to support.

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Beth x


* With the exception of Maple and Whisky, all images are taken from the website of the corresponding shop. *