Disney Pin Collection – Part 1 Disneyland Paris

Disney Pin Collection – Part 1 Disneyland Paris

This post is one I have been meaning to do for way too long! I love collecting Disney Pins, they are probably my favourite type of Disney merchandise to collect. I’ve developed a collection slowly as I have made different trips to the Disney Parks. I also have a few that aren’t from the parks.

My pins have been stored/displayed in various ways over the years. I used to have my pins in one of the official Disney Parks Pin Trading Display Books, but my collection very quickly outgrew it. I wouldn’t go back to the display book/bag as they didn’t quite sit right and it was a shame to keep them hidden away. I now display all my pins on a A3 sized cork board which I purchased from Home Bargains a while ago for just a couple of pounds. I love having them all displayed on my wall so I can admire and appreciate them more.

Once I started taking photographs for this post, I realised just how long a post it would be if I shared all my pins in one go. So I’ve decided to split it into a mini series, starting with pins from Disneyland Paris, seemed like a good place to start with all the exciting news the park has had this week!



I collect pins from the Disney Hotels that I stay in. I have two Disneyland Hotel pins. The first pin I bought when I stayed there during my first ever trip to Disneyland Paris. I think I might have bought the one with the key at a later date, I’m not 100% sure. I love both the pins though so I’ve kept both.

I stayed in Disney’s Hotel New York when I was younger on one of my earlier trips. I have this little pin from the staying there and I love how cute Mickey looks. I do kind of wish I had the version with the key, but maybe I will add that to my collection if I stay there again.

When I visited Disneyland last year I stayed in Disney’s Santa Fe for the first time so I of course picked up a pin. If you’d like to read what I thought of the hotel, then check out my blog post here.





Most of my Disneyland Paris pins come from my most recent trip, but I do have a few from my earlier visits. I have no idea what year they are from or where about I bought them. The only pin with any information on the back is this Snow White Pin which is from 2004 which means I probably got it on my first trip or traded for it. I personally don’t really remember the show, but as it is one of the only pins from my original trips to Disneyland I’ve never been able to bring myself to trade it. I also love the design, the pastel colours are beautiful.

Another old Disneyland pin I have is this ‘It’s a Small World’ pin. This will always be one of my favourite pins and it is definitely one I know I’ll have forever. I just love the design and the colours so much. Despite how annoying the song can get, It’s a Small World will always be a classic attraction for me. It is such a cute little pin and I love it a lot!

Whilst this pin isn’t the most exciting, part of me really loves it. The castle doesn’t look that much like the Disneyland Paris one for some reason, but I’ve always liked this one in my collection. I mainly keep it because of how long I’ve had it if I am honest.

This is probably one of the least ‘Disney’ pins I own. Whilst it isn’t from my trip last year, I feel like it isn’t quite as old as the others. I love the design and the not-so hidden Mickey Mouse heads. Whilst I’ve been to Disneyland Paris, I’ve never actually been into the centre of Paris itself, but I’m planning to change that this year!

I have one pin from Disneyland Paris that I didn’t actually purchase myself. One of my friends bought me the pin back from her trip quite a few years ago now. I love how fun and happy Olaf looks! This pin is definitely appropriate for the way the weather has been in the UK recently!





Now for the pins which I added to my collection in May 2017. I’m guessing some of these are likely to still be available if you visit this year, so I will include the prices for these ones.

I like to collect pins from special events, for example I have some from the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party in Walt Disney World. When I visited last year, Disneyland Paris was celebrating their 25th Anniversary so I of course picked up a pin to mark the occasion. I have to admit, this pin isn’t my most favourite in terms of the design but I’m still glad I have it. This pin cost €6.99.

If I had to pick a favourite Disney film, I would probably pick Up and it saddens me that Up is so under-represented when it comes to merchandise. When I saw this pin, I just had to have it. I didn’t even have to think about it, I instantly loved it. It is such a unique pin and has to be one of my favourites out of all the pins in my collection. It cost €12.99 and if I’m honest I would have happily paid more!

Anyone else get drawn in when a pin moves in some way? If it opens, spins or slides then I’m often instantly sold! Hence this pin. Mickey, Minnie, Donal and Goofy all look adorable on this pin, but Goofy is definitely the star of the show! I don’t think the price for this one was too bad at €9.99.

I’m always drawn in when any merchandise has something to do Winnie the Pooh and friends. The four characters look ridiculously cute together in this tsum tsum style pin. I just couldn’t resist buying it. It is actually one of just a couple of Winnie the Pooh pins in my collection surprisingly. The pin cost €7.99.

Tangled definitely doesn’t have enough merchandise so when I found this pin I was so happy! I love the colours and the quote. It is so beautiful! It only cost €6.99 as well which I think is amazing for how gorgeous a pin it is.

I’m not entirely sure why I liked this pin so much, it just kept catching my eye so I decided to get it with the money I had left. You can’t go wrong with Mickey Mouse and I like the travel aspect of the design. The pin cost €6.99.

I have two attraction pins from Disneyland Paris, the first being for the Ratatouille ride. I love the Ratatouille themed area and the ride is absolutely amazing! Definitely one of the highlights of the whole of Disneyland Paris for me. I bought the pin to represent my first time riding Ratatouille and the fact that it instantly became one of my favourite Disney attractions. I can’t wait for them to add it to Walt Disney World so more people can enjoy it!

Last but not least, is a Tower of Terror pin. The pin will always remind me of my first time riding Tower of Terror and how much I loved it! I was so disappointed I hadn’t been on the ride before as I loved it so much.


I hope you enjoying seeing which pins I have in my collection from Disneyland Paris. If you’d like to see the rest of the merchandise I bought on my trip in May 2017, then you can read the blog post here. I’m sure I will be adding more pins when I visit in June so I’ll be sure to share them!

Beth x