Shop with Me – March 2017

Shop with Me – March 2017

I spent last Saturday in Newcastle shopping with my Mam and I spotted so many Disney items that I couldn’t not share them all! I took some photos in Primark, The Disney Store and Cath Kidston so be sure to keep reading to see some of the Disney merchandise available at the moment.


Whilst in Primark, I first spotted the Minnie Mouse marble and rose gold wash bag. I have seen these in-store previously and they are a really good size for holding make-up/toiletries day-to-day or for travelling. The Newcastle Primark didn’t seem to have any of the Beauty and the Beast ones that they had at the beginning of the month but I love the Minnie Mouse one just as much and it is only £4!

There was a whole display of different Disney socks which I am sure plenty of people will understand my excitement at this display. I particularly love the Beauty and the Beast, Winnie the Pooh and Thumper/Bambi sets. The socks came in packs of 3 for £3. I managed to resist (only just though!) getting some but only because I have so many already… You can also see some of the tote bags at the bottom of the display which brings me nicely to my next find.

They had quite a few of the Disney tote bags but my favourite has to be this Minnie and Mickey Mouse one for £3. They both look adorable with their arms around each other and I love the ears and bow on top of the ‘M’ for Mickey and Minnie.

They had a wide range of Disney t-shirts in store which made it really hard not to buy any. I have already got quite a good collection of Disney t-shirts so I managed to refrain from buying any… for now. I particularly love the Beauty and the Beast top (£8) which has a sketched effect. It is just asking to be coloured in if you ask me.

I love this display that Primark had set up for some of the Disney merchandise!

If you look carefully on the photograph above you can see some Disney keyrings. If you read the first instalment of my Everyday Disney series then you know that one way I show my love of Disney is by adding a Disney keyring to my bag. These would be perfect for exactly that. They are only £2 and they would look adorable on a otherwise non-Disney bag to add a little Disney touch. Primark have also released some more Disney jewellery. The previous release was in rose gold but the new pieces are all silver.

Yet another Disney display in Primark! I have seen the rose gold bag pictured at the top of the display around for a while now and they still seem to have plenty of stock in a few Primark stores I have visited. I love the design but I wouldn’t get any use out of it because it isn’t much bigger than my iPhone 7 Plus. The design is amazing though so if you pack lighter than me (which wouldn’t be hard!) then it might be perfect for you.

The backpack at the bottom of the display I was tempted of but it isn’t very wide so I knew I wouldn’t fit my camera in which is a must have for a Disney trip! It was only £12 though which is a great price.

Last but certainly not least from the womenswear in Primark are the Disney shoes! The Minnie Mouse shoes have been out since the beginning of March but they still had plenty in stock in a range of sizes. For £10 they are a bargain and are perfect for a trip to the Disney Parks. I have some that I bought on a previous shopping trip and I love wearing them.

More recently Primark have released a cream pair of Disney shoes with a Mickey Mouse print and I love the design so much.  Unfortunately they didn’t have them in my size but I am going to London for the weekend in a few weeks so I hope I can spot them then instead.

Now for Homeware! I love Disney homeware pieces as you can probably tell if you follow my Instagram (@bethhnewtonx). I have a variety of pieces from Primark and absolutely love them. At the moment Newcastle Primark has a varied selection of different homeware pieces from a range of collections.

They had a lot of the new Bambi collection but they didn’t have the duvet sets in yet (as of 25/3). The collection has such a cute design. I particularly liked the mug (£5) and the chalkboard (£3). Hopefully they get the rest of the collection in soon. If you would like to see the prices and all the items available check the Primark website.

A lot of people have been on the look out for both the Mickey and Minnie Mouse LED Lights and Newcastle had plenty of both in stock. I haven’t seen the Minnie light in a while so I am sure there will be plenty of people happy to see them back on the shelves. I have the Mickey light and I absolutely love it! They also had the Mickey and Minnie cups and throws.

They had a few of the Jungle Book pieces including the duvet set in both Single, Double and King Size. As you can see from the photographs they also had a good selection of the Disney throws in store.

The Winnie the Pooh collection has been released a while now and there was still plenty of stock available. I love the display they have and I have already purchased a few items from this collection on previous shopping trips. As most of you already know I absolutely love Winnie the Pooh so this collection has to be my favourite! I have posted photos on my Instagram of the pieces I have from the collection.

Primark Newcastle had a lot of Disney stock so if you are in the area I’d say it would definitely be worth your time stopping by.

Cath Kidston

Newcastle Cath Kidston wasn’t on the list of stockists for any of the Disney collections released by Cath Kidston. I had a look out of curiosity to see if there was anything in store just incase. They didn’t have much but they did have a few pieces. I love the notebooks but I wouldn’t dare write in them! I can’t wait for the 101 Dalmatians collection, hopefully I manage to get my hands on a few items this time as I have missed out of the collections so far 🙁

Disney Store

I have seen so many photographs of the new mugs from the Disney Store and they are just as amazing in person. There are so many that I love, although I am particularly biased towards the Winnie the Pooh one of course.

If I had more space I would buy practically every soft toy from the Disney Store because they are all too cute not to want them all. I particularly love the ‘mini bean bag’ sized soft toys. I am hoping I can start collecting a few soon. Wall-E and Eve are new in the Disney Store and they are adorable! You don’t see a lot of Wall-E merchandise so it was lovely to see these in store.

Hope you enjoyed a look into the Disney merchandise in stores lately. If you would like me to do these types of posts more often then be sure to let me know. I know I love knowing what is available before heading on a shopping trip.

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Beth x