Art of Moana

Art of Moana

Firstly, if you haven’t already seen the film Moana I would most definitely recommend you do. I am a huge Disney fan and I have to say Moana is one of my all time favourite Disney films. The graphics were just visually stunning and I absolutely love the whole storyline. The film is filled with well thought out characters (my favourite being Pua!) and the film was filled with humour. Me and my friend were almost crying from laughing at some of the scenes and songs. Moana has the perfect element of everything you want in a film hence why it has been placed in my Top 5 Disney films.

The soundtrack also deserves a special mention as it complemented the film perfectly and I have had it on repeat since seeing the film. Once I had seen Moana and decided that it was in fact one of my favourite Disney films I immediately went on the hunt for some merchandise. The DisneyStore has a wide range of merchandise already available. I purchased the smaller version of the Pua plush as I think (after Pooh Bear) he has become one of my favourite Disney characters. I saw on Instagram a photo of the Art of Moana book and just knew I had to have it. I already have the Art of Tangled (featured on my Beautiful Books post) so I knew that I would love the Moana version.

I have included below a few photos of the Art of Moana book which I purchased from Amazon here for £25. I think for how beautifully the book is designed including level of detail and illustration, makes it well worth £25. I found reading this book really interesting as the film has a lot of depth in its storyline, characters and visuals. I especially loved seeing the development of Moana’s character and of course Pua!








Beth x