Disneyland Paris with a Nut Allergy – Bistrot Chez Rémy

Disneyland Paris with a Nut Allergy – Bistrot Chez Rémy

Before you read this post, it is worth mentioning that I am simply sharing my experience. I have severe peanut and tree nut allergies and I avoid may contain so don’t even eat a trace of my allergen. I am sharing my own personal experience of both the food and service at Bistrot Chez Rémy.



Now for my thoughts on Bistrot Chez Rémy at Disneyland Paris. It is a table service restaurant, located in Ratatouille section of Walt Disney Studios. From my knowledge, it is one of the most expensive places to eat on-site.

We booked our reservation 60 days in advance with ease so started to look forward to our visit. Due to my allergies, we decide to go to the restaurant a couple of days before our reservation and ask if it would be safe to eat there. We figured if the restaurant wasn’t suitable, we would simply cancel the reservation and eat elsewhere. The cast member at the entrance informed us that I had to eat from the specific allergy menu as they couldn’t guarantee the main menu is 100% safe. We felt this was fair and appreciated the situation so kept our reservation.

On the day of our reservation, we were checked in by a different cast member than we had spoken to previously. They said that there would be items on the menu I could eat but I couldn’t have the dessert. This information is completely different to what we had been told before, but it sounded positive. I was happy to skip the dessert and just eat the main. We then sat and waited to be shown to our table.

Now I have to mention, the theming of the restaurant is brilliant. They have thought of every little detail when creating a Ratatouille restaurant. For me, it is certainly the biggest selling point of the restaurant. I love the giant cocktail umbrellas and the oversized fairy lights all along the ceiling. The standard of the theming feels like you could be in Walt Disney World. The standard of food and service however… not so much.


Despite the fact that the restaurant was half empty, we spent quite a lot of time waiting. It took a long time for our server to come to our table initially. The server told us that there would be no guarantee that a meal from the main menu would be 100% safe and I would have to have a allergy meal for it to be guaranteed. It is a little disappointing the be given such mixed advice especially when it comes to something as serious as an allergy. It doesn’t fill you with a massive amount of confidence. The server said that the allergy meals weren’t the best quality food and advised me that if I wanted good food, to just eat from the main menu. Obviously, I can’t take that risk. So allergy meal it was. 

Another thing to note, is that the toilets were very poorly kept. I had seen better toilets arond the parks than in Bistrot Chez Rémy. One toilet was continuously flushing. The other, the bag hook on the door was broken. The floor was dirty and generally unkept. The hand soap dispensers didn’t work and neither did the hand drier. Very disappointed to have seen such poor hygiene in a table service restaurant. I can imagine I was probably just unlucky with this and hope that it isn’t always this way.

Now for the food… I didn’t have high expectations for the allergy food but I certainly didn’t expect what I was served either. The food is essentially a ready-meal and is served to you in the plastic container with the wrapper still on. Whilst I appreciate this is to prevent any contamination, it isn’t exactly a nice position to be in. Having an allergy is bad enough, without it having it be so obvious and in such a manner. The starter was particularly bad, practically inedible. The main was certainly an improvement, but still poor at best. I wouldn’t eat here again or at a table service restaurant in Disneyland Paris again with my only option being these allergy menus.

I understand and appreciate the concept of the allergy meals but they need to be massively improved. I personally don’t understand the need for the meals, as throughout the rest of the two parks, I could eat in every restaurant without an issue. It is a real shame that the same couldn’t apply for this restaurant

I’m usually against comparing Walt Disney World and Disneyland Paris, but in this situation I can’t help comparing. In Walt Disney World I could eat in every single restaurant, including table service, without any issue or concern. In WDW I barely have to even think about having an allergy when it comes to my main meal. I really do hope that in the future, Disneyland Paris changes enough to be able to cater for those with allergies at table service restaurants in the same way.

It is worth noting that I dined with my Mam who enjoyed her food from the main menu. She ate from the Rémy Menu which is two courses, without a drink, for €31.99.

We didn’t feel overly disappointed after our dining experience thanks to our dining plan. We had the standard dining plan, included with the hotel booking. For two adults, we paid a total of €7 euros for a meal that should have cost €63.98 plus drinks. It certainly softened the blow of my more or less inedible meal and meant I still got to eat at the beautifully themed restaurant. Despite the amazing theming, I would personally say that even for the main menu, Bistrot Chez Rémy is slightly overpriced in terms of the quality of the food.



Overall, I am glad I’ve had the experience of eating at Bistrot Chez Rémy. If I hadn’t been eating the allergy meal I can imagine I would have throughly enjoyed my visit with little to no complaints. It is more a fault of Disneyland Paris generally, rather than for the restaurant itself. Would I return again? After my experience, unfortunately I wouldn’t.

You can find the full *standard* menu here. The *allergy meals* can be found here.

Beth x