A Bit About Me

A Bit About Me

Today I became a brand rep for Magical Signage Co (#ad #adaffiliate #brandrep 10% off with the code ‘beth10’ 😉) and realised that I haven’t really shared ‘me’ with you just my Disney obsession 😂

I love a list (first piece of information for you), so I’ve put one together a list which should give you a little bit of an introduction to me. I’ve gone for half Disney facts, half random facts!

  1. I’m mainly a fan of the Disney Parks part of the Walt Disney Company as I’ve grown up visiting Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney World ever since my first DLP trip for my 5th Birthday.
  2. My favourite Disney character is Winnie the Pooh, my favourite film is Up (or Enchanted, or Tangled, never mind I can’t pick!) and my favourite song is probably Wishes from Walt Disney World.
  3. I prefer staying on-site at a Disney Resort. Nothing beats the convenience and I just love the Disney buses 😂
  4. I like to keep everything I can from a Disney trip. I’ve taken coasters from the Rose and Crown, I’ve got faded receipts and taking just one of each map is never enough, why have one when you can have 5.
  5. Despite the photo I’ve used, I’m not overly keen on character meets. I find them a bit awkward as an adult, especially face characters. Saying that, it would just be rude not to have your photo with at least Mickey Mouse and in my case, the Winnie the Pooh characters.
  6. I’ve got a severe Nut Allergy which I discovered at a young age. You’ll never see me with a tiny handbag as I’ve always got to have supplies at the ready.
  7. I work full-time as a Graphic Designer.
  8. I love stationary. No-one needs as many pens, notebooks or washi-tape as I have. Yet I still buy more…
  9. I’m a bit addicted to Animal Crossing and bought myself a Nintendo Switch pretty much just to play Animal Crossing.
  10. I love all kinds of jewellery, especially Pandora and Olivia Burton. My Disney Pandora Charm bracelet is pretty special to me though.

Hope you enjoyed this little post as a ‘introduction to me’ and I hope you’ll follow me over on Instagram @if you aren’t already as I’m often posting over there!

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