Walt Disney World December 2014 – Part 2

Walt Disney World December 2014 – Part 2

Today I am going to share a few more snapshots from my 2014 trip to Walt Disney World. As I have been going through these photographs it has made me extremely excited to go back in October. I am already getting so many ideas for photographs and blog posts. If you have anything in particular that you would like a blog post on then be sure to let me know.

I am going to start with some photographs from Universal Studios. Each time we go to Florida we go to Universal Studios for one day. We are prefer Disney but I do enjoy visiting and experiencing Universal Studios even if it is just for one day.

Our last visit was over the Christmas and New Year period and it was very very busy. We hardly got to go on any rides as it was so busy. I’ve got very few photographs from the day as it was so crowded. The Harry Potter area reached full capacity half way through the day and had to be closed. So if you visit over Christmas expect it to be busy!

I am hoping that it will be quiter when we go in October so that I can take many more photographs and enjoy the rides and park a lot more. There are a lot of rides in Universal that I have never done before but really hope to do this time.

Although my heart is in the Magic Kingdom, I have always loved Hollywood Studios. It is home to one of my favourite rides, Toy Story Midway Mania and I love the theming. I know there are a lot of closures and expansion work going on in the park at the moment but I am sure I will still enjoy the park on my next trip. It is definitely worth visiting the park during the day and the night as it is beautiful during both times of the day.

We typically spend a lot of time in EPCOT during our trips to Disney. It is my parents favourite park but I have never found my love for it the same way as they have. Although I like the park, I prefer the magic and pace of Magic Kingdom. I am feeling open minded and I am hoping that I will end up loving EPCOT more than I ever have before during the next trip.

And all our wishes willl come true… ✨

2014 ended up being quite a special trip although I didn’t know it at the time. My 2014 trip to Walt Disney World was the last time I ever saw Wishes. I can’t explain how much I love the Wishes soundtrack and I will definitely miss listening to it in the Magic Kingdom whilst enjoying the fireworks show.

Although I’ll miss Wishes I can’t wait to see Happily Ever After, it looks amazing from what I have seen and heard!

2014 was also the last time I would see Main Street Electrical Parade. The nighttime parade is one of my favourite parts of Walt Disney World, or it was.

The Electrical Parade has since been moved to Disneyland California for the last few months before it is retired. I am disappointed that they made the decision to move it to Disneyland California. They already had the Paint the Night parade so I don’t think it was necessary for them to have WDW’s Electrical Parade for it’s last run.

It has been a while since the parade left and there hasn’t been any news (to my knowledge) about any replacement which is a disappointing. Hopefully the nighttime parade returns soon as it is definitely missed.

I have a full blog post with photographs from the parade if you would like to give it a read here. I have shared some of my favourite photographs and memories in the blog post.

Hope you enjoyed reading a bit more about my 2014 trip to Walt Disney World. I am going to be sharing a mini bucketlist type of post for my 2017 trip to Walt Disney World soon so be sure to check back to read the post!

Beth x