Mickey Mouse x Cath Kidston Wishlist

Mickey Mouse x Cath Kidston Wishlist

A lot of people seem to be disappointed that the latest collection features Mickey Mouse as they have already done one previously featuring the main mouse. At the time of the previous release I didn’t have any money to buy anything, despite how much I loved it. Now I am doing my apprenticeship and can afford a small piece or two so I am so happy they brought Mickey Mouse back!

I knew I would love the collection even before they released the preview because Mickey Mouse is one of my all-time favourite characters. When they released the preview a couple of days ago I fell in love with everything. I couldn’t stop thinking about how much I loved and wanted pieces from the collection. I will probably only end up with a couple of pieces at the most, but that hasn’t stopped me making a massive wishlist anyway. I thought I would share my little (okay not so little) list of my favourite pieces because I absolutely love seeing what other people have their eye on!

The collection is available from Thursday 16th November so less than a week to decide what to get…

1. Mickey Stripe Leather Lozenge Bag ~ £100.00 Now £66.00

This bag is by far my favourite piece from the entire collection. I haven’t stopped thinking about it since I saw it. However, it is very expensive in my opinion… I still absolutely love it though. Whether I will end up getting it though with it being so much money I’m not so sure 🙁 I’ll be wishing I had if I don’t though I know that much! It is definitely my dream purchase from the collection.

2. Mickey & Friends Set of Two Poly Pouches (Mickey and Minnie) ~ £15.00 Now £6.00 

3. Mickey & Friends Set of Two Poly Pouches (Donald and Daisy) ~ £15.00 Now £6.00

Both of the sets of pouches are so cute! I love the spotty design of them and the sketch look of the characters. The design is very understated Disney which I really love. These kind of pouches are so versatile and always come in handy so I think these might be a good purchase choice.

4. Mickey & Minnie Little Patches Zip Make Up Bag – £16.00 Now £8.00

5. Mickey & Minnie Little Patches Smart Make Up Bag (Sold Out) – £18.00

I’m not sure which of the make up bags I prefer but they both have such a lovely design! I’m thinking I could either replace my old make up bag with one or maybe use it as a pencil case. I’d definitely like to see these in person though to decide which one I liked best.

6. Mickey & Minnie Bouquet Shaped Keepsake Tray (Sold Out) ~ £8.00

7. Mickey & Minnie Bouquet Flower Trinket Pot (Sold Out) ~ £14.00

The ‘Bouquet’ design is what I would say is the most ‘Cath Kidston’. The print is very pretty and girly and although it is probably my least favourite pattern in the collection, I love pieces 6 & 7.

8. Mickey & Friends Mickey Mug – £10.00 Now £6.50

I bought a mug from the Peter Pan collection and I really wish I had from the other collections. I love these mugs! I love the Mickey one because Mickey is by my favourite of the characters, but I know when I see them in person I’ll end up debating which one to get.

Some extra favourites of mine from the collection…

1. Mickey Stripe Placement Cushion ~ £25.00 Now £16.00

I love this cushion so much! Mickey looks adorable and I struggle to resist a stripe.

2. Button Spot Patches Cabin Wheeled Suitcase ~ £150.00 Now £99.00

£150 price tag means I won’t be adding this suitcase to my collection any time soon. I think £150.00 is a little bit overpriced for a cabin suitcase. It would be perfect for anyone who regularly travels to Disneyland Paris though. I think the design is amazing. Spots and Disney and patches, couldn’t go far wrong in terms of the design.

3. Mickey & Friends Button Spot Skirt ~ £55.00 Now £27.50

I always admire the skirts that Cath Kidston have for each of the Disney collections. I think the design of this one is super fun and I’m sure I would get quite a lot of wear our of it. I do probably have enough Disney clothing for a while now though.

4. Disney Reversible Sequin Pouch (Sold Out) ~ £26.00

Have to admit I love a reversible sequin. As much as I love this, I think £26.00 is a tad too expensive for what it is. It definitely caught my attention in the preview though and I am sure this will be quite a popular piece.

5. Mickey & Friends Button Spot Framed Washbag With Ears ~ £25.00 Now £20.00

The design of this is one of my favourites from the whole collection. I’m just not quite so sure how practical it is. I can imagine struggling to fit it into bags and drawers. I think though that this is one that I could possibly fall in love with and not be able to leave it behind when I see it. £25.00 does seem pricey for a washbag though.

Hope you enjoyed this post, I can’t wait for the release! Be sure to check out the full preview of the collection on the Cath Kidston website here.

If you would like to have a look at my haul from the 101 Dalmatians X Cath Kidston collection, you can do so by clicking here. I can’t believe it is more than 5 months since the collection was released. Time is definitely flying by!  Some of the collection is actually still available on the Cath Kidston website.

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Beth x