What’s in my Disney Park Bag?

What’s in my Disney Park Bag?

First of all, I could burst I am that excited to go to Walt Disney World. I don’t think I could be anymore excited if I tried. I have been watching Disney vlogs and hauls on Youtube and reading blog posts. I have started thinking about what I am going to take, it is all very exciting and very soon!

I seeing what people pack for a day in the Disney Parks because I always think there has to be something I haven’t thought of. I decided I would put together my own post so I can either help you or you can help me!

I did quite a bit of research into what bag I wanted to take as it is what I seem to struggle with every trip. I have found in the past that none of the bags I own are quite right. I knew I needed to find a backpack as any other kind of bag pulls on my back and my shoulders too much because of the weight. It also needed to be a reasonable size as I carry a lot of stuff including a camera and medication. I also wanted it to be waterproof with easy access to everything whilst being secure so I know I won’t lose the important things. As you can tell, I’m pretty fussy when it comes to bags…

I decided to go for a Cath Kidston backpack in the end. The bag is called the Button Spot Frame backpack. It is available online and cost Β£55. The exact bag is currently out of stock, but for similar just search ‘Frame Backpack’ on the Cath Kidston website. Whilst it is on the more expensive side, it is the perfect backpack for me. It is the ideal size, shape and I know I’ll get plenty of use out of it in and out of Disney. It has all the features that I wanted and I am so happy with it! I particularly like the pockets on either side for a water bottle or an umbrella, although that is more for using it in England πŸ˜‚ The material is waterproof and will wipe clean,  I also like that it has thick straps which means it will be comfortable to wear all day. It also has a zip pocket inside which is one of the main things I look for in a bag. Overall I would definitely recommend the bag from my first impressions. I’ll let you know once I have been what it was actually like using it everyday but I am pretty confident I’ll love it.

Update: I have now returned from Walt Disney World and the backpack was perfect! I fit everything I needed and more in the bag without it hurting my back and shoulders. It was really comfortable, even after wearing it all day in the heat. I particularly liked the side pockets for my water and the bag kept everything organised. Would 100% recommend and will be taking it with me for any future Disney holidays.

Now for what I am going to be carrying with me on a daily basis….

In the front magnetic pocket I will be only keeping a few bits and pieces. I won’t be putting anything overly valuable in the pocket purely because it is the most likely to open accidentally and I wouldn’t want to lose anything valuable.

I have decided just to keep a packet of tissues. a packet of antibacterial wipes and some blister/normal plasters. These are things I could quite easily replace if I needed to.

I will probably have one of the side pockets empty most of the time and in the other a water bottle.

In the main part of the bag I have a small clear case from Superdry attached to the zip at the back of the bag. I keep any tablets in here including piriton and painkillers. I also keep a small blistex inside the case as it is so small it could easily get lost anywhere else. Blistex is a must if you suffer from chapped lips which I always seem to on holiday. Absolute life saver!

Inside the zip pocket I have my purse which is from the Cath Kidston 101 Dalmatians collection. It is one of the ‘pocket purses; but it is the perfect size for carrying a couple of cards and some cash when on holiday. Plus the design is so cute and perfect for Disney!  I’ll also keep my iPhone 7 plus in the pocket as well.

I usually keep ‘bits and bobs’ inside a pouch of some kind to keep them all together. I have decided to use the open pockets on the side of the bag instead for random bits and pieces so that I can quickly and easily access them whilst around the parks. It makes it easy to see what I do and don’t have as well.

In the first pocket I have my glasses cleaner and cloth. I also have a lip balm and a mini nail file. You might think you won’t need a nail file on holiday, but I have been saved multiple times by carrying one. The mini nail files from Sasse and Belle are perfect handbag size and only cost Β£1.

In the other pocket I have a few other bits and pieces. I have a mini hand sanitiser and I will keep a few hair grips and hair ties in the pocket as well. I tend to start with my hair down and end up putting it in a ponytail half way through the day so I always carry a spare hair tie with me.

The last thing I have in my bag is my medpac. I have the Small Insulated Medpac. It fits my two epipens, an inhaler and some piriton. It is perfect to keep everything together and I like knowing it is all safe. It is also the brightest orange which means that I won’t lose it. If you have to carry a lot of medication, especially if it needs to be temperature regulated, I would 100% recommend this case.

I have only left a couple of things off this list including a portable charger. I’ll most likely be needing this thanks to my obsession with Instagram πŸ˜‚ You can follow me below πŸ˜‰

Everything fits perfectly in my bag and I can’t wait to head to Walt Disney World! Let me know if you think I have missed something or if this post has helped you ☺️

Beth x