Uniqlo Minnie Mouse Collection

Uniqlo Minnie Mouse Collection

Uniqlo have recently released a variety of different Disney collections. There is a collection inspired by Beauty and the Beast as well as a Mickey Mouse collection. My personal favourite is the Minnie Mouse collection. There isn’t a store anywhere near where I live and I was unable to find any of the collection when I visited London last month so when I went to New York last week you can imagine my excitement when I spotted the Minnie Mouse collection in the Uniqlo store window.

The 5th Avenue store is the Uniqlo Flagship store and had practically all of the pieces from the different Disney collections. I didn’t love the Beauty and the Beast collection as much as I thought I might but I fell completely in love with the Minnie Mouse collection. They had so much stock and I really struggled deciding what to buy! I loved how they had styled all of the tops and the bags so I took plenty of photos to share here incase it gives you some inspiration.

I made a few purchases of course. The first top I picked up is this grey t-shirt. I just love the design, it is so beautiful and is going to be really easy to wear. The quality of the t-shirts from uniqlo is amazing and they are such a good price. Each t-shirt cost $14.90.

They had so many tops that I really struggled picking my favourites! The top below is actually the last one I decided on but I am really glad it was the one I picked. I think that it is going to look really nice just with jeans day-to-day but I think it will also look really nice with a midi skirt when I go to Florida in October.

The last top I bought was the first one that I picked up when I went into Uniqlo. I absolutely love this design and I actually wore it whilst in New York because I couldn’t wait to wear it!

I loved all the Disney bags and pouches that they had in the collection. I have quite the collection of bags so I decided just to pick one of them up. I know a lot of people love clutch bags but I don’t personally use clutch bags very often. However this clutch bag is such a good size and I am going to use it hold my laptop, my iPad Pro and Apple Pencil which will be perfect for taking them all to work.